All About Em

I’m Emma. I’m a twenty-something girl from the UK. After spending the majority of my days dreaming about what the world has to offer I’m finally making it my mission to find out for myself.

I’m an open-minded individual, currently working full time and studying two courses so I don’t always get to update my blog as often as I’d like.

I started this blog to keep a record of my trips & memories and the experiences I’ve had. Originally it would be a way for my friends and family to keep tabs on me, but as I’ve kept myself pretty busy I’m still working on “the big trip”. It will be worth it when I graduate though!

I’m constantly amazed by the planet we live on, and draw much of my inspiration from it. If something particularly moves me you’ll find an article on it. My goal is to share my stories, and hopefully inspire others to see and experience as much of our planet as possible.

I’ve been mainly writing about my travels as well as posting reviews on places, activities, accommodation, etc, but I’m I want to bring more of my personality to my blog by showcasing who I am as a person.

I enjoy running and I’m am member of my local running club, and I love photography and days out exploring. I love meeting new people and swapping stories on places we’ve been and things we’ve experienced. What better way to get the know the world we live in then to talk to the people in it.

I’d love to connect with anyone else who shares an interest in travelling, exploring new places, meeting new people and open to new experiences. Of course I’d love to hear all about your adventures too!

Within the next year I’ll have finished one of my courses and can focus solely on my science degree (wish me luck!)

Well thanks for reading, looking forward to connecting with you!

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