New Zealand: Arrowtown & Lake Ohau

Back on the road we headed for Arrowtown, a small town in built on gold-digging back in the 1800’s. We grabbed a coffee and wondered around the town checking out the boutique shops then we headed over to the Arrowtown Bike Hire to take on the Arrow River Bridges Track.

The track runs from Arrowtown to Gibson, however we only be cycled as far as Kawarau Bridge (home of AJ Hackett’s Bungy) which was 12k from our start in Arrowtown. The track would take us over 5 bridges that zig-zagged the river.

We took a leisurely ride along the track and stopped every so often to admire the scenery. When we reached the Sothern Discoveries suspension bridge we took a longer break as the view was pretty spectacular.

Rest over, we continued along the track to the Wall of Recognition for the Queenstown community who help set up the Queenstown trail.

We finally came to Kawarau Bridge where we ended our cycle. From the bridge you can see the bungy platform over brilliant blue the Kawarau River.

After watching a couple of insane jumps we hit the road again and headed north for Lake Ohau.


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