New Zealand: Fiordland National Park

Mirror Lakes, Milford Sound & Te Anau


Day 7

Fiordland National Park
We said goodbye to Queenstown and headed for the Fiordland National Park for a short stop where we would later be visiting Mirror Lakes, before a cruise on the Milford Sound.


You can see why this place is a national park. It’s almost completely untouched; As if it had been that way since its creation.

We took advantage of the scenery and got some photos, then headed to our next stop.

Mirror Lakes

We arrived at the Mirror Lakes to see first-hand what we’d heard so much about. You can probably guess why they are called Mirror Lakes, but if you need a clue check out the pictures below…


No matter where I went in New Zealand, I had a feeling the scenery would never cease to amaze me.

Milford Sound

We were hoping the weather would brighten up by the time we reached Milford Sound. We didn’t get our wish, but we didn’t let that put a downer on our cruise.


After getting on board and finding some seats to leave our things, we headed to the upper deck.


I almost felt like I was in another era. The rock faces of the sound towered up almost dead flat like something had taken a chunk out of this place. It reminded me of Jurassic Park! We were later told that the Milford Sound is actually a fjord, meaning it was carved out by a glacier that eventually eroded.



Left: Stirling Falls / Right: Bowen Falls

We were almost lucky enough for the sun to break through the clouds and brighten the sound up, but as quickly as it happened the sun was gone again. Regardless of the weather we embraced it fully and made the most of our time on deck.image

It was at this point I realised just how similar NZ and UK are. That may sound crazy as we definitely don’t have mountains and lakes and the end of the street; but they’re both very green, and have indecisive weather.


Te Anau

Our cruise had come to an end and it was time for us to continue on to to the small town of Te Anau. We checked into our hostel and had the rest of the afternoon free to enjoy. We killed a few hours playing Frisbee in the sun before heading out to dinner at The Moose.



Seeing as we still had the rest of the night to enjoy, we took a stroll around the town and admired views of Lake Te Anau before drinks and card games at the hostel.



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