New Zealand: Hokitika and Lake Matheson

Christchurch > Hokitika

Day 3 on our New Zealand adventure and we were pretty excited. We met up with the rest of the group  and headed through the Mountains for Arthur’s Pass.


Beautiful views on our journey


While driving through the mountains it had started to snow – which was pretty rare given that it was summer and an unusual day for it.


After another hour or so we stopped of at the small town of Hokitika for lunch and a wander around. The town itself is pretty small, with only a few shops and cafes, a small wildlife centre and a Greenstone (Jade) Jewellery store. We took a short walk through the town to check out the beach and the Hokitika driftwood structure that was there.




Hokitika Beach Selfie


After lunch and a look around the local shops we checked out the wildlife centre to see a real Kiwi bird in its “natural” environment among other things.



Kiwi bird (right in the middle)


Lake Matheson

Next stop, Lake Matheson!

We arrived at the visitor centre and followed the trail that would lead us to the lake. To be honest the views around us were already very scenic, so if this was anything to go by, the lake promised to be absolutely stunning. Having followed the trail over bridges and along the water we came to the end where you could view the lake from the deck – and we weren’t disappointed!



All those blues and greens! ❤


Fox Glacier

Our final stop and destination for this evening was the Fox Glacier hotel. We unloaded our gear to our rooms and had a beer and some dinner in the bar checking out the views. We were pretty pumped to be here and were really looking forward to seeing the glacier in the morning.



Midge and me


We’d been told there was a small bush trail nearby that we could check out later tonight where we could see glow worms. It was slightly eventful walking around in the pitch dark trying to spot tiny little lights through the bushes but worth the wait.

They were very much like tiny stars among the trees which was pretty special – until we either lost each other, fell over or bumped into trees and other people… then it was pretty amusing.



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