The world is our Oyster: Ways to travel for cheap or next to nothing

We’ve all been there. Wanting to go somewhere but limited by our budget. Sometimes we can’t leave our lives for long enough to tick off what we want from it bucket lists.

Some people have jobs, family or other commitments keeping them from taking time out to travel, but that doesn’t mean they’re not travellers. I myself work full time and I make the most of my annual leave and days off when time and money allows. Others I know left on an adventure and haven’t been back since.

So for whichever kind of traveller you are, below are some suggestions on ways to travel for less. And for those that want to work while they travel, some job ideas and things to consider.

Work and travel

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. So in exchange for a bit of labour on an organic farm, you’ll receive food, accommodation and an opportunity to live and work like a local. For all the details check out the website.

Summer Camps
Working on a Summer Camp is a great way to earn a bit of extra cash to explore. Popular in North America, you sign up and hoe for a place at one of the camp available. When camp season is over you’ll have saved your pennies to travel around the country for as long or as little as you please. And the best part, hot can do this with the new friends you’ve made at camp. Camp America and Season Workers are pretty popular.

Other Ways to Earn
Have you given these any consideration?

Cruise Ship Staff
Air Steward / Cabin Crew
Tour Guide
Au Pair
Teach English
Life Guard
Freelance work
Bar Staff
Temp/Agency Work

Cheaper accommodation

Couch surfing
This is perfect for those that don’t mind staying on someone’s couch. Ok so it’s not always a couch, sometimes it’s a bed or a room even but the point is that someone is willing to put you up for nothing and some will even take you out to see the sights. Great if you want to experience living like a local. You can even register to host travellers if you’ve got the room and will allow you to check out the profiles and reviews of your hosts/guests. And the best part? It’s free.

House sitting/swapping
This is another great idea. Want to try somewhere new and not have to pay for accommodation? Or perhaps you have your own place. Why not look at swapping holidays?

There’s a ton of websites out there to get you stayed of you think this idea could be for you.

Things to note:
Depending on length of stay you may be asked to help with chores, contribute to rent, help look after pets etc. All details are usually mentioned and agreed to before the swap/sitting goes ahead.

You may be asked to meet with the owners before our even have a Skype chat to familiarise yourselves with each other.

Make sure to get a phone number or email in case you need to contact them.

Free Walking Tours

Again, there are a ton of companies that offer free guided tours in most cities all over the world and a very popular in Europe. If you enjoy the walk the welcome a contribution but if course payment isn’t compulsory.

Another option you could consider would be to volunteer. You can sign up to help build communities, teach, or even farmwork if you wanted. There are thousands of sites all catering to different volunteer opportunities.

Cheaper transport

Here a a few sites and apps that are great for finding a variety of travel options and comparing them.

Skyscanner – compare flights worldwide
Tiger Air – mainly flights to Southeast Asia, Australia, China and India.

National Express – similar to Greyhound buses, mainly operating in UK and Europe.
Megabus – value coach services in UK and Europe

Well the you have it. Hopefully these sites help save some money when it comes to travelling.

What are your top travel tips when it comes to travelling cheaply? Do you have any other suggestions? Comment below!


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