Crisis at Kroombit

Those of you that have been following along with my adventures, know that Australia was the most awesome trip I’ve had to date. Not just because of the fun I’ve had or the memories I’ve made, but mainly because of the people I’ve met. And of all the places in Australia we felt most at home, Kroombit Park was by far the most welcoming and entertaining without fail.


Kroombit website:
Kroombit Facebook page:

In brief, Kroombit Park is a family run establishment that welcome and accommodate all who pass through. Families, school trips, tour groups & backpackers alike – no one leaves without a smile on their face. You can read all about my time at Kroombit here.

The Crisis.
As you may have heard Cyclone Marcia hit the Queensland coast over the weekend and among the many areas of devastation, Kroombit Park Farm Stay was wiped out by a wall of water. Read full news article here.


As you can see from the news story, the whole farm has been wiped out and the damages will cost a pretty penny to say the least. This is all to be done before they can reopen which means they’re also not making money.

I’m truly gutted for all who have been hit by the Cyclone, but more so for Alan and the staff at Kroombit who made us feel like family and welcomed us back to stay any time.

It’s taken them 21 years of hard work off their own backs to build a unique facility which caters to everyone wanting a taste of farm life and enables us travelers to not only experience a host of outdoor activities, but also to learn the kind of hard work it takes to run a cattle farm.

For those of you that have been lucky enough to stay at Kroombit, you know there’s no place in Queensland better to provide you with a rustic experience than Kroombit itself, and no team more welcoming than the staff who reside there.

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of meeting Al and his team know that they’ll pull through with the same hard work they’ve put in all these years, but in true Aussie Mateship, I still think we could all do our part.

I truly hope they get the help they need to reopen as soon as possible and will be hoping to help them myself very soon – watch this space!

In the meantime, for those that want to donate, can do so here.

Best of luck to Kroombit, the UK is rooting for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read.


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