Em’s Big Bucket List

Hi guys,

Here’s my bucket list and what I want to achieve, although I should point out I’m still constantly adding to it!

Some I’ve been lucky enough to do already, the rest I’m still working on.

What’s on yours?


Cape Town
Go on Safari
See Kilimanjaro
See some of Ancient Egypt
See the Kalahari / Sahara desert

Niagara falls/Maid of the Mist
Ride a yellow cab
New York
Visit Ground Zero
See Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
New york time sq for NYE
Boston for St. Patrick’s
Light up of Washington Monuments
Gamble in Las Vegas
See the lights of Las Vegas
Visit Roswell
Antelope Canyon
Bryce Canyon
Yellowstone national park
New Orleans

Angkor Wat temples, Cambodia
Vietnam & Laos
Visit Tiger Sanctuary

Ayers Rock/Uluru
Alice Springs
Bondai Beach
Fraser island
Great barrier reef
Great Ocean Road ✔
Twelve Apostles ✔
Wineglass Bay

Visit Ireland, Scotland & Wales
See the Northern lights
Visit Castel san Angelo
Take part in “la Tomatina”
Oktoberfest, Germany
Bregenze Festival, Lake Constance, Austria
Kjerag, Norway

New Zealand
All blacks home ground, Auckland ✔
Split apple rock ✔
Fox Glacier ✔
Maori people and traditions ✔
Queenstown ✔
Visit scenes from Lord of the rings (The Shire, Mt Doom etc) ✔

South America
Climb trees in Amazon Rainforest
Belize, The Blue Hole
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Angel Falls, Venezuela

Easter Island
Phi Phi Islands

Go-karting / Luge ✔
Canyon Swing ✔
Scuba Diving
Swim with Dolphins
Visit a Spa ✔
Stay in a Penthouse Apartment
Learn to Ski and Snowboard
Stay in Ice Hotel

Ride a Harley Motorbike
Jet ski
Quad bike
Race car
Horse Riding
Husky sled
Ride a Camel
Paddle Board
Ride a hot air balloon
Fly first class
Ride the a train around Europe
Ride orient express
Ride a gondola in Venice
Drive a vespa in Italy

7 wonders of the world
Great wall of china, China
Petra, Jordan
Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
Machu Pichu, Peru
Chichen Itza, Mexico
Colosseum, Rome
Taj Mahal, India


8 responses to “Em’s Big Bucket List

  1. Emma;
    First of all thanks for this post, since, since last so many days, I haven’t read anything from you, so, it is enjoyable experience to see my good friend once again back in the blogging world with wonderful post.
    Honestly speaking;
    Many a times, I amazed by your spirit of living life with fullest, yes, Emma, we have only one life to live so why not live in best possible and satisfying manner;
    In fact, I am more than eager to see that your “Bucket List” complete as early as possible, because, out of your “Bucket List” there are many place, I too like to visit but, still, I have not reach up to the stage, where I can include it in a “Bucket List” but, believe me, whenever, you visit any of them, through your eyes, through your sweet post, through your detailed description, through your useful information, I will feel that, on each and every step of this journey, I was travelling with my one of the most live-wire, dynamic and humble friend, named “EMMA”
    Wishing you all the best………………………

  2. Fantastic! May I suggest you include Cape Town in your ‘Africa’ list? We have amazing beaches and mountains and safaris are not too far away. You can ride an elephant, swim with the dolphins (and sharks if you’d like), bungee jump, scuba, jet ski and quad bike, and so much more! Your list makes me want to travel!

    • Great suggestion! I’ve heard Cape Town is beautiful, not sure I’m brave enough to swim with sharks though! Will add it on the list 🙂 Happy travels!

  3. Amazing site Em! Love your bucket list, you have so many cool places that you’re still going to see.Definitely agree with you regarding the Northern Lights- I want to get there ASAP!

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