Australia: Long Island > Emu Park

Day 11


Airlie Port

Another early start to catch the ferry to take us to Airlie Beach, where we loaded on our bus Matilda to head for Emu Park, or stop for the night. We finally arrived early afternoon so we checked into our rooms. Some of our group went to the beach for a game of cricket while the rest of us stayed to repack our bags and ready ourselves for a reef and beef dinner (aka surf and turf).


Emu Park Hostel – Dan, Sam, Charlotte & Bianca


Reef & Beef

Tonight was a Toga fancy dress party with drinking Olympics. After an epic dinner we got ourselves cocktails from the bar seeing as it was happy hour and the drinking games began.


Toga time!



First game was Flip Cup and teams of 5 went head to head in a series of knock outs to go through to the next round.


Flip Cup

The next game was “Suck & Blow” where team mates would have to pass a coaster from one player to another using only your mouth. Some very funny positions going on!

We then moved on to “Card Blow” where a deck of cards where stacked on top of a dirty pint (a pint glass full of random bits of others drinks) and if you blew the last card off you’d have to down the pint and your team loses.


Card Blow

This brings us to the final round of games, Beer Pong!


Beer Pong

Again, we didn’t win but a great night was had by all.


“Em & Dem!”


Roomies! Me, Nat & Fiona


The Team! Me, Fiona, Nat, Charlotte & Bianca



The Gang


The Widowmakers

To be continued…


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