Backpack: your new best friend.

After some fairly extensive research, I finally settled on a backpack for my travels.

I’ve searched more websites than I can remember, ploughed through thousands of reviews, checked out different models in various stores and while each backpack offers different features, capacity and colours, ultimately I’ve found I’m happiest with my choice.

Presenting the Berghaus Jalan 65 + 15 women’s specific backpack!



As some of you may (or may not) already know, the numbers 65 + 15 refers to the litre capacity the pack can hold. In my case this Berghaus Jalan, has a capacity of 65 litres in the backpack, and it also comes with a detachable 15 litre day sack.


I personally think this little feature is great as it means I can leave my backpack in my hotel room/somewhere secure while I’m exploring, but still carrying my essentials in my day sack. If the time should arise when I’ll need to take my backpack with me, the day sack attaches to the back pack so I only need to have 1 bag on my shoulders.

Another cool feature for this backpack, are the wheels at the bottom. Perfect for when my shoulders have had enough of carrying, I can drag the backpack behind me similar to pulling a suitcase. The shoulder straps can be put away, zipped up in a built in compartment so the straps don’t get caught when I’m dragging the bag behind me.


“Women’s specific” also means that the shoulder and waist straps can be adjusted, and they have been specifically designed for women’s bodies. The waist strap is designed to sit and take some pressure of the shoulders so the weight of the backpack is distributed evenly.


The backpack’s main compartment, has a front-facing zip. This means if I want to get something from my pack that’s right at the bottom, I don’t have to dive in through the top and empty everything out. I can just unzip the front, take what I need and zip back up. Perfect!


It also has a smaller compartment at the bottom of the sack, which is ideal for chunky/muddy shoes, sleeping equipment, or anything else you can think of.

And last but not least, interlocking zips! Need I say more?


To some up, here are the features as listed on the Amazon website. To see the full item, please click here.

Features from Amazon:
·       BIOFIT backsystem
·       Women’s specific harness
·       Zipped expansion gusset
·       Base compartment with bivi divider
·       Removable daysac with multiple features including – zipped pockets, organiser, padded harness, chest strap etc
·       Wheels for easy carriage
·       Padded side and top carry handles
·       Daysac can clip to main pack harness
·       Padded detachable shoulder strap
·       Zip-away harness cover
·       Front pocket
·       Zipped entrance to main compartment
·       Internal mesh pocket(s)
·       Hidden security pocket for valuables
·       Lockable zip sliders
·       Side compression straps
·       Base compression straps
·       Internal compression strap(s)
·       Removable daysac with multiple features including – zipped pockets, organiser, padded harness, chest strap etc.

If you’re interested, the reviews can be found here.

Well I hope this has helped. Which backpack do you use?

Feel free to let me know what you think!



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